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High Protein/Carb Pasta Dish

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Hi guys

I for one love cooking and always experiment with my meals to prevent them from being tedious and plain. I just cooked up a lovely meal for you all to try if your interested.


100g pasta

200g cod fillet w/ parsley sauce

1/2 pepper

1/4 onion

4 cherry tomatoes

2 spoonfuls of sweet corn


I use the cod in a bag with parsley sauce and cook for 15 minutes on the hob. At the same time cook your pasta.

Chop your onions, peppers, tomatoes in a pan for a few minutes and then add sweet corn. Take the pasta from the hob, drain the water and add to the vegetables. What I like to do is then put the pasta and veg in a collender to drain some excess water.

Then add the cod with the parsley sauce. Some of the sauce will drain but don't worry too much of the sauce will spoil the meal. Enough sauce will remain. Then go about adding a touch of salt, pepper and some fresh parsley. Stir and serve.

If you want throw some cheese on top.

Protein - 30g

Carbs - 70g

Fats - 10g



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