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Tuna Pasta with a twist?!

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Gonna add Philadelphia to the shopping list and give that a try next week,

I normally mix my tuna with some grated cheese, Regga Regga sauce and Cayenne pepper. Sounds rank I know but in a toasted wholegrain sandwich works quite well!

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Here's what I often make tell me if you guys like it:

160g of Tesco Penne Pasta

30g of light Philadelphia

1.5 or 2 cans of tuna(macros for 1.5 tuna in sunflower oil)

40g of light Salad Cream

Garlic Powder

Black pepper

How to:

1. Cook the Pasta

2. Drain the water

3. Put Everything into the pot and mix it up with a bit of heat

4. Done!

Add a large amount of Garlic Powder and Black pepper and you're good to go

I like to split this up into two meals. I usually eat this pre and post workout as it tastes great warm and great cold.

Macro Break Down:


Protein: 74

Carbs: 124

Fats: 30

Eating some right now, this is damn good love it. :thumb:

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With garlic and onions being the food of peasants:tongue:, I make a similar version. Instead of salad creme I use natural Greek yoghurt. I also add in turmeric with plenty salt and pepper.

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