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Best Fish And Fish Prices

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Hey up folks after some suggestions on where and which fish to get that does not cost the earth and tastes good.

Currently i can get frozen tilapia fillet's around £10 for 2kg and Pangasius fish for around £12 for 4.5kg from a wholesaler, this seems to get some bad press (http://www.dietmindspirit.org/2008/01/30/why-you-shouldnt-eat-this-fish-pangas-pangasius-vietnamese-river-cobbler-white-catfish-gray-sole/) and then some press saying thats all properganda (http://qualasaexpertise.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/truth-behind-propaganda-campaign-against-vietnamese-pangasius-fish-by-mr-d??ng-minh-tr?-seafood-consultant-in-vietnam/)

I also get tinned tuna and makerals to give me some variety when i want to have cold fish with bread or potato.

I've tried normal salmon once hated the taste so i don't buy that i've looked at getting cod but its like £10 for 1kg any suggestions on were to get this cheaper from would be great and any other fish suggestions would be great.

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