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NEED HELP! Just getting going. Am i going the right way about it?

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Jus starting the gym again. job loss stopped me last tme.

Im 5' 10" and 16st (all belly and moobs) lol

My diet is as follows,

Brek - Porridge oats skimmed milk or granola skimmed milk

Snacking on bananas and apples usually 1 or 2 of each threw out the day.

Dinner - Pasta or a salad usually tuna or chicken(try to eat sumert high protein with it)

Pre workout - Extreme nutrition Pro 6 mixed with milk skimmed (sumtmes with porridge in)

Post workout - as above but mixed with water

Evening meal - Cabbage or greens or broccoli etc with protein rich meat

i drink plenty of water through the day and sumtimes mountain dew energy .

I want get big and healthy

NO ROIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jus want advice and ideas

i use the gym 5 days a week and skip and try to run lol when i dnt!

Am i going the right way about this or have i got it all wrong????

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