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Pure neo-faschist propaganda...thats what i think. Its all allied with the extreme socialists (nazism) and islamic extremists.

Its deliberately and very cleverly made up to try to trick and manipulate so called 'free thinkers', except the problem is that the 'free thinker' is now simply following what the neo fashists/islamic extremists and extreme socialists want.

Dont believe me...then isnt it ironic how these videos are promoted on so many '***********', extreme socialist, neo faschist and militant islamist websites!

There is a very fine line between being a guardian reader or independant reader and then being suckered in by the extreme right wing out of hatred for the west and then corrupted by this type of sickening propaganda...

Its not for free thinkers at all...this is exactly how the NAZI PARTY STARTED! Look back in history and youll see.
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