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Getting HUGE!
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Mine is f*cked basically :lol:

I have been in and out of the gym for 3 years this month, and it got me thinking about how I might look if I had actually trained for the whole 3 years. Something always seems to crop up for me, be it personal issues.. injury, finance or lack thereof. I'm not complaining though as I know people run into hardships a damn sight worse than the things I've listed below, here's mine;

Aug 07 - March 08

Started out, pretty clueless but grew a bit. Hurt back badly but trained what I could and then took some time off, listened to the people on internet forums that I needed to eat loads of carbs.. developed a bit of a gut lol.

May 07 - Aug 08

Still carrying the back injury, trained for a bit before uni. Went to uni in Sep, f*cked about a bit in the gym, Stella diet for 3 months. Best time of my life though! Gut still in town.

Jan 08 - June 08

Started again properly and was going well, ran into some financial issues in the summer though, so started cutting, eventually couldn't afford the gym any more. Gut budged ever so slightly haha.

Sep 09 - Dec 09

Back to uni, started to play rugby again, no gym, got injured anyway lol. Gained more bad weight.

Jan 10 - May 10

Had a hard xmas and the fire was re-lit, started with some 5x5 stuff to get some strength back, focussed on form more than anything else.

May 10 - present

Cutting and still going strong, starting to like what I see.

Pictures I've salvaged from old photobucket accounts and hard drives lol;

Aug 07


Aug 07 to Feb 09 comparison




I guess in hindsight, I could look a lot worse, but the gutting thing is I could also look a lot better if I could have stuck at it. I haven't included any of my fat frontal pictures, my waist was always 36 or so, biggest was 37 3/4.. hated it!

Get yours up boys and girls, could be a good motivation for others :)

Life is too Short to be Small.
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Currently just started back training 5 days after taking the last few months off but still in not too shabby shape and hoping to improve the rest of the year :)

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