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Beware when natural selection lets loose a thinker
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Name your five personal rules that you go by in life.

If you haven't thought of this before have a good think!

Mine would be.

1. Be confident

2. Be loyal

3. Don't care about people and actions which would drain resources

4. Be happy

5. Compose yourself!

(subject to change at any time :D )


When did this place become fcking 'slimming wo
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Love like you've never been hurt

Dance like no one is watching

Aim high! You never know you may surpass you goals


Fck like ya being filmed!

Getting HUGE!
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Be honest with yourself,

Dont paint yourself into corners,

Respect others right to be themselves,

You are where the buck stops,

Your kids and their welfare are your responsiblty, think about that before you go off on one.

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Erm right off the top of my head...

Respect, some people deserve it, some don't. Definitely know who deserves it, and pay them it.

Love, never tell someone you love them when you don't, never pretend to love someone, or give them false hope that you do.

Free Stuff, make the most of it.

Dont knock it untill you've tried it. (there are many exceptions to this rule e.g. gay bum sex, beastiality, murder, etc. etc.)

Bout it i reckon
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