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She is 25 years old and about 5'5" tall and weighs 9 stone 10 lbs.

Her goal is to lose a stone to a stone and a half and basically firm up.

She has acess to cardio stuff at the gym like a treadmill, cross trainer, excercise bike, rowing machine etc.

She wants me to write her a programme - can anyone put down some ideas - she wants to train about 3 times a week and i have no idea about this sort of thing cos i have always concentrated on building muscle.

Anyone got any ideas on a 3 day a week programme ????

Cheers Lee

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There is a ladies section you might have more luck if you posted it in the right section lol

Three days a week is not a problem, she could do an Push/Pull/Legs routine which would work well. And then do 30-40 mins cardio after or on separate days.

What does she do currently and what is her diet like?

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write her a simple weight training plan, and throw in small amounts of interval cardio training. Stick to compound moves, that are fairly simple.

Slightly condescending, but use works like "firm and tone", and make sure she knows that she isn't going to turn into a shot putter overnight by lifting weight.

Somehting like:

Squats (bodyweight to begin with to learn form)

Walking Lunges


Assisted/jumping/negative pullups

Dumbbell bench press

Clean and press.

Make sure she uses heavy weights, but start light to work on form first. I'd probably start with 15-20 rep ranges to improve muscle memory of the movements, and progressively teach and build upon new movements each week.
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