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During the first lockdown I got fat weighing in at 14 stone, I lost most of that weight and had love handles for a while which are now mostly gone, but I still have a wide waist at 34" around.

I'm doing resistance training and ab work with no cardio. I was eating 2.7k cals, then 2.2k cals, now 1.7k cals. Dropping from 14 stone to 13 stone (stayed comfortably at this weight back when gyms were open), now to 12.5 stone but the 34" waist didn't go down.

Current stats 5'10, 12 stone 5.

I'm cruising on Test c 250 E10D, have been for a few years now.

Diet is mostly clean especially M-F

AM - Porridge oats w/ protein powder, banana and almonds

PM - Chicken breast and sweet potato

Night - 90/10 mince with white rice(dropped rice recently skipping carbs at night), bell pepper, egg and carrots.

I've become really self conscious of my wide waist, I have the v taper look from the back but not from the front.

Yes I should incorporate cardio, anything else I could do to get this waist down a couple inches...

Clothing Joint Outerwear Arm Shoulder

Shorts Stomach Shoulder Neck Waist

Clothing Joint Outerwear Shoulder Arm

Joint Outerwear Shoulder Stomach Neck


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