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Right, as always discussing in the gym what would be the best combination of roids to use with the HGH...

To be honest, I thought that a "high dose" of test 750mg x week alone, running with the HGH and the T4 would work marvelous as well as it would come out cheap, with excellent muscle gains.

The Test would be running from 10 weeks to 15 (depends in which would be better), hgh for 20 week and the t4 in 6 week on 6 week off.

but then some say it would work better a 500 test + 320 Tren E along with the HGH and T4 (but it would cost more)

So I would like to know, what kind of cycle is best to run with the HGH and why (any cycle, not just these two). The idea is to run a "cheap" cycle with HGH.

Just asking this, not that I will do it, but to learn a little bit more :)


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