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Hi all

Iv been working out now for around 9-12 months, mainly with a friend. Now my friends had a bad car accident:cursing: usually its been my pal who works out our routine and me that follows, so now he's not gonna be goin gym for quite some time i thought id put to gether my own work out and see what you guys though?

Monday - Legs/Shoulders

Squats48,8,8,890-120 Seconds
Siff Legged Deadlifts310,10,1090 Seconds
Leg Extensions212,12,1260 Seconds
Leg Curls212,1260 Seconds
Overhead Press410,10,10,1090 Seconds
Dumbbell Side Laterals310,10,1060 Seconds

Wednesday - Chest/Triceps

Bench Press48,8,8,890-120 Seconds
Incline Press310,10,1060-90 Seconds
Dips3Max,Max,Max60 Seconds
Dumbbell Flys212,1260 Seconds
Skull Crushers310,10,1060 Seconds
Tricep Pulldowns310,10,1060 Seconds

Friday - Back/Biceps

Deadlift36,6,6120 Seconds
Barbell Rows310,10,1060-90 Seconds
Pullups310,10,1060-90 Seconds
Hyperextensions212,1260 Seconds
Standing Barbell Curls310,10,1060 Seconds
Seated Dumbbell Curls310,10,1060 Seconds

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looks solid mate ;)

nice and basic, not overtraining or anything so seems good ;)

very impressed actually lol, most begginers think that the more is better ie doing barbell curls then dumbell curls then preacher curls then hammer curls then cable curls and on and on etc but two exercises for biceps and triceps is very smart because they are a small musclegroup and dont need a lot of work.

other than that not much to critcise mate everything looks good. Basic and basic works ;) no need to confuse things and do millions of sets and millions of exercises like most begginers ;)

good mate ;) do that it should be good ;)

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Well if it was me, I would drop leg extensions (they dont really build any muscle), tricep pushdowns (dips are more of a tricep exercise than chest so really you hav 3 tricep exercises in your workout), and hyperextensions (no need for these if your doing deadlifts).

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Shoulders and legz on Monday , NICE !

Legz , swap extentions for lunges or leg presses (alternate)

Delts ,,, drop reps for shoulder presses (6-8) add bent over lateral raises for rear delts , 3*10-12

Chest , drop flies and add a dip set they are overall chest builder

Triceps, skullcrushers alternate between ez bar and dumbells

Pushdowns,try different grips, bars ,rope etc

Back,looks good

Biceps,,, alternate between different curls and do close grip chins they are great

Have you started the cycle yet ?
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