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longing for the 80s
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depends on what you have to spend,i took the wife and nipper a while ago,nice hotel etc..if you want a b+b just as a base something like travel lodge just outside inner london is a good cheap option,jump on the tube and your in the centre in no time.

or you could spash out on a nice hotel in the centre of london £150+ a night.

personally if you go to london you gotta visit.


london eye

london bridge

tower of london


thames boat trip


open top double decker bus tours


Getting HUGE!
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just be prepared to pay nearly £4 a pint!

db's suggestion is good as is the ones from joe.b

natural history museum is good if its raining and its free!

strada over looks Tower Bridge and is very reasonable (amazing views of London)

Cote cant recommend these places enough food is great and reasonable.

I just took my misses to Flordita on sat night £4 a beer and £8.50 for a cocktail the meal with a special offer was £100 but if you want Soho cuban style bar/live band then its a good place to impress :)

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Walk in Hyde Park to Speakers' Corner

Cabinet War Rooms

No. 388 bus from Liverpool street to Embankment takes a lot of the sites (Bank 0f England, bit of St. Pauls, goes along the Thames) (of course you don't get a commentary, but its much cheaper than the organised tour buses).
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