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Hello Guys and Girls,

Decided that seen I have been spending more and more time on here, that I would set up and run an online journal. I have started keeping a normal journal so will transfer workout info onto this site from there.

Having been to the British Finals yesterday, I feel SO motivated, more than ever, to get myself sorted out and start adding some decent size to my frame.

As for my lifestyle, this has changed literally within last few days. I was working full time mon-fri and door work thurs fri and sat nights. Working hours were ridiculous, so I have made the decision to do the door 4 nights a week, spend more time with my daughter and can focs more on training and having a better life in general! My outgoings are minimal, now I have been through bankruptcy this last year...its been a total nightmare :cursing: But heres to a fresh start and a better life. I am back home with my parents, saving cash and intend to do an OU degree soon come feb when enrolment is accepted.

So my diet..

Wake Strong black coffee

40 mins low intensity cardio 2 x per week

Wake 30g whey protein powder in water

Breakfast 8.00am Porridge: 100g oats + 1 tbsp ground linseeds + 250ml skimmed milk + 2 tsp sugar + water

Shake: 1 scoop whey + banana + 3 tbsp walnut oil + water

10.30am 70g wholewheat pasta

200g tuna (tinned in water)


Soya sauce to taste (if desired)

Item fruit

1.00pm 150g salmon

6 ryvita


15 mins pre workout 30g whey protein powder in water

2 ryvita

Immediately post workout 40g whey protein powder + 3g glutamine + 60g maltodextrin in water

45mins later 6 ryvita + 75g low fat soft cheese

4 egg whites + 1 yolk omellette

7.00pm 200g lean lamb/steak or chicken/turkey breast

100g (dry weight) basmati rice or 10 small boiled new potatoes

Large serving veg / salad

9.00pm 200g cottage cheese or quark

2 oatcakes or rye crispbread

Bedtime 30g casein/protein combo in 100ml skimmed milk

And when I work the door, I will get in a protein bar and a MRP, wih a small meal when I get home.

Training split:

Mon Chest, Calves

Tuesday cardio am Back pm

Wednesday Legs

Thursday cardio am Shoulders pm

Friday Biceps and Triceps, calves

My weak points:

Back. Decent thickness, not enough width, so width is the name of the game here..

Arms: As we would all like, more size, more!

Legs: They are not bad, but I want them bigger and better conditioned.

Strong points:

Shoulders and Chest!


Bench PB: 150kg x 3 reps

Incline 130kg x 5 reps

Shoulder press 42.5kgs

Squat: Have done a 220kg x 2 earlier this year, wont touch that now, due to various problems which are now sorted. 180kg right now

Deadlift: My bad point. Lower back is always in discomfort, recently been repping 60kg to strengthen lower back a bit.

My diet starts tomorrow. No pictures will be posted yet, not until 3 weeks into the diet and training properly. I am alot heavier, by 2 stone than my avatar pic and in low teens BF.

Thanks all! Think thats about it, will update this tomorrow after my first session! :thumb

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Cheers Joey, appreciated mate.

Yeah was a fantastic final, was sitting there planning my diet I was so hyped LOL..

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Cheers mate, I have no idea what is up really. Last year I tried 4 plates and on the 4th rep I had the worst pain ever in my lower back which put me out for a few weeks. Also with it came a burning sensation, particularly to the left centre lower part of my back if that makes any sense. Whenever I deadlift heavy I get alot of pain. All I can do is rep work as even going up to 100kg I start to feel it. T-bar rows I can do with no problem as well all other back related work, any input on that appreciated lol!

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What did your physio diagnose the issue as (Hint: If you haven't been to see one, go see one...)

Reverse Hypers are great for prehab/prehab on the lower back also.

But you need to know what the issue is first

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I know I need to see one, its been a case of neglecting it really, figured if I can grow without deads il be fine. But I am at a point now where I think I would really benefit from seeing someone so will look into that.

Reverse Hypers? Never heard of them before?

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OK so not updated for a few days, not a good start lol! Had my daughter last few days as my ex had to go away with work, so spent my time with my baby! Woke up bright and early today, diet has been spot on so far, trained chest and triceps today, a bit earlier than usual:

Incline bench (alternate heavy incline, flat and flat DB's)

60kg warm up x 20 reps

100kg x 10 reps

120kg x 8 reps x 3 sets

Rep out on 60kg after last 120kg set and managed 15 before thinking my chest and delts were about to explode lol

Flat flyes

30kg x 10 2 sets

32.5kg x 8 2 sets

Skull crushers

45kg x 5 x 5 sets

One arm reverse curl tricep cable push down thingymabob

On the weight stack?

30 x 8 x 2sets

35 x 6 x 2 sets

Flat DB press medium weight as by now I was shagged

30kg x 10 x 2 sets

37.5kg x 8 x 2 sets

Done and out within the hour. All in all a decent session for me, been home and made up 400g chicken as I will replace one of my egg meals with a 200g chicken wraps meal.

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Cheers bro, diet was done for me by James Collier on Muscle Talk. No matter what diets I have tried, they look good on paper etc but make you feel crappy etc. I always come back to the one he did for me and find it really helps, good for my stomach digestion wise, keeps me full of energy, etc. Really recommend his dietary advice!

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Good luck with the new start Waheed. Impressed with your physique mate saw your pics before you got a great base to start from :thumbup1: you looking to compete? out of interest do you know what you daily totals are protein, carbs, fat?

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Cheers Clarkey..I was at the finals mate and was literally sat 3 or 4 rows behind you and your mrs, was going to come say hello at one point but next minute you were on stage - looking awesome btw mate -and the next you were back with the mrs, figured I would leave ya to it, but well done anyways bro! I am hoping to get another half a stone on in the next few months and do my first show next year. I have not actually worked out my totals, as the diet was done for me by James off MT, a case of giving it a good run and adjusting as I go to suit. I had to up the carbs in this diet as when I ran it before carbs were a tad low and protein too, I need a fair amount to grow I think.

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Today was back day...workout as follows:

Wide grip chins

10 reps bodyweight 2 sets

10 reps plus 20kg 8 reps 2 sets

T Bar rows

2 plate warm up

3 plates x 10 reps x 2 sets

4 plates x 8 reps x 2 sets

5 plates x 5 reps x 1 set

By this point my forearms were so pumped I foud I had trouble closing my fist.

One arm DB rows:

32.5kg x 10 x 1 set

40kg x 10 x 1 set

50kg x 10 x 2 sets

Annoyed as I usually do 60kg but grip was gone, I shouldnt of fannied about with the 32.5 or 40, will remember next time!

Reverse pec dec flys on machine

Notch no. 7 x 10 reps

Notch no. 8 x 10 reps

Notch no. 9 x 10 reps x 2 sets

Notch no. 7 x 30 reps failure at this point

That was it.

Tomorrow I will be doing legs and shoulders together, plan to do Squats, Ham curls, calves and one arm leg extensions, along with DB shoulder press heavy, side laterals, front raises and some trap work. Should really do 2 sessions but cant as missed a few days and I am working alot this weekend. Just consumed 2 tins tuna blended with OJ, 6 ryvita and some low fat soft cheese. Got steak, potatoes and broccoli for dinner! woohoo!

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Quick update...

Well worked Friday and Saturday night as usual..both nights for got my small meal I take with me (1 tin tuna and small amount of pasta) Plus 2 CNP flapjacks. So on both nights minimal protein intake, made do with a bag of cashews, salted too : (

Weekend was then spent sleeping on saturday and chilling with my daughter sunday. Got an early night last night lukcily, woke up today and have done my cardio too. Legs today, heavy squats as I am unhappy with the size of my legs in general so plan is heavy squats, leg press, lying ham curls, seated one legged extensions and high rep calves! Will update later this evening..

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SO yesterday was legs day..

10 min low intensity on x trainer and alot of stretching first


60kg x 20 warm up

100kg x 15

140kg x 10

180kg x 8 x 3 sets

Totally fcuked after that, legs very badly pumped, was stupid taking nox on legs day lol! Left out leg press as I was honestly shagged after that and felt quads were worked plenty..

Lying ham curls on machine,

42.5kg x 10 reps

47.5kg x 10 reps x 3 sets

One legged seated extensions on machine

stack no.9 x 10 reps

stack no 10 x 10 reps x 3 sets

Finished off with lunges using 20kg dumbells which were agony!

Eating was good yesterday, apart from digestion problems before I slept. But a ranatadine tab sorted that!

Been looking at the threads with magic torch and bulkaholics comp infoand am giving serious thought to doing a classic show. When I first heard about this class I though pah, its an excuse for guys not looking to pack on proper size...but thinking about it, with my frame size and shape I think for a first competition it would be good. Having seen the classics at the british finals I am confident I could do well and with me being 178cm tall I could hit 83kg which is not too be posting pics end of this week for a bit of critisism!

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Chest day today, decided to do flat bench first. Warmed up as far as alot of stretching goes and some light cable crossovers, followed by more serious stretching. Intention was as heavy as I could go

60kg x 20reps

100kg x 6 reps (delibereately left it at 6 as I did not want to waste energy)

150kg x 3, 1 forced rep - happy with this

140kg x 6, last rep forced and had to be assisted, so make that 5 reps lol

100kg x 8 reps x 2 sets

Happy with that. Not happy with my control when I lifted 150kg as when I was lowering it to my chest on the first rep I had major issue controlling it to push back up but managed, just. Once that was up the next rep felt ok.

Flat flyes

22.5kg DB's x 10 x 2 sets

30kg x 8 x 2 sets

Incline bench

80kg x 10 x 2 sets

100kg x 8 x 2 sets

Finished off with some crossovers, moderate weight but high reps to failure. Very pumped up.

Necked my pwo shake and spent the next 5 minutes puking my entire stomach up, think I drank it too soon and a waste of protein! So drove home and made another one up. Sitting here feeling wrecked and drained right now!

Going to have a cheat tonight, kinda, will have a salmon meal soon then I am off to watch Saw 5 with the mrs and then nandos, should be done in cinema by 10 latest so will be starving by the time I get out, will see how much chicken and spicy rice I can do lol!

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Lol yep, its not ideal but I am eating at 5.30pm, then will bring with me a whey refresh juice/whey drink in cinema and then will be starving for nandos..mrs is paying too this time ha ha!

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Nice journal you got going will look at it as much as I can, also for calves not trying to be an expert but I heard low reps is brilliant for them as they use to high repitions dunno if its due to their fibres or just the constant use of them, just a thought nothing to seriously take into account
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