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hiii everyone!

I`ve got 5weeks left before its holiday time for me and i started yesterday with 15mins of tendmill and cross trainer.

From tomorrow i`ll be going gym twice and day and full on as much as i can anyway trying to lose weight. I normally hit the weights first and then cardio. Am planning off 30mins of cross trainer and 30mins trendmill as much as i can. Without any food from 4am till the morning till 8pm at night it get tough training especially doing hardcore cardio.

At the moment am taking glutamine,protein 90+, BBCA and ZMA. I`ll be having my first meal at 8pm then eating every 3 hours till 4am. I know its not a perfect diet but shall i keep well away from the carbs and force more on protein.

Am also awake during theses hours. I`ll be training in the afternoon and then after 8pm for around a hour each time excluding weight training. can someone help put me in the right direction please

cheers :)

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It's really hard to recommend something mate, as if I'm not mistaken you're not allowed to drink water, correct?

What time are you awake from and til?

Something that might be of interest to you is the warrior diet. This involves fasting throughout the entire day, then eating one very large meal at night before bed. Lots of people have reported good results and changes in body comp on it.

You'd have to download the ebook and read around on the forums, but I'd suggest that you train some time in the evening, then arrange your schedule something like:

8pm - 100g oats, 6 whole eggs, 50g whey - 970 cals

11pm - 100g brown rice, 250g steak mince, 3 whole eggs - 1100 cals

2am - 2 apples, 2 bananas, 50g almonds, leafy salad, 300g cottage cheese, 300g chicken breast - 1150 cals

Now that's a bit over 3000cals. I don't know what your requirements are, but you can obviously work off that as an example :) .

I'd throw in some BCAAs and a hefty dose of fish oils too now I think about it :)
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