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Does anyone else play the stockmarkets? I have dabbled over the past year and done ok and done sh!t at the same time. I have found on spread betting its easy to set a target and pull out say £30/£50 with minimal risk you don't always win of course but if you follow trends its not that difficult. I can't afford to loose much so i keep the stakes low, in the past i've got greedy and thats when you loose out, eg you turn £50 in to £100 then turn the £100 in to £200 and then loose it, I once did well and turned £300 in to £1000 and instead of walking away i backed the FTSE100 @ £100point+ to go up with a 10pt guaranteed stop, i was unlucky and lost the grand in 16 minutes.

This has taught me not to be greedy and only put on what i can afford to loose and only jump on if its looking good.

So who else plays the stockmarket, if so what market?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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