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( This was the guy who owned Steroid . Ru the biggest Russian steroids forum and was also behind the fake British Dragon site based in Hong Kong that opened in the mid 2000s since then he has produced fakes of nearly every big UG brand. The video above shows some of the 300kg of steroids that Police found worth an estimated $5 million dollars. The following is a translation of his Russian language arrest story. )

Capital organizer of a major anti-narcotic arrested a criminal group that engaged in the supply of banned anabolic steroids. Hazardous counterfeit products annually to the distributor of millions of dollars. To get on the trail of the leader of steroid mafia operatives took a few years.

Narkopolitsiya grabbed Russian bodybuilders for a living. Just 300 kilograms of banned anabolic steroids, confiscated from a criminal gang that supplied dangerous chemistry almost all the fans of bodybuilding in Russia.

In terms of muscle mass, bodybuilders have missed several tons of biceps, triceps and gluteal muscles. A steroid mafia has lost $ 5 million in net profit. All confiscated was a fake.

"Contrafact pure water. This was done in clandestine factories or in China, or Moldova. Contrafact absolute cost a dime. Cheap raw materials come from China, all packed in the factory, the labels do glued in Moscow in rented apartments", - says head of service control of the licit drugs Moscow department of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia Ivan Elisavetchenko.

Steroids - synthetic sex hormones, are potent substances is strictly accounting. By law, they may appoint a doctor and only patient. Bodybuilders to build muscle eat their droves, voluntarily repeating himself to be incurable lesions of the liver, kidneys and nervous system.

"It is especially painful for young, growing organism, when the normal sex hormones are replaced by synthetic analogs. As a result, the body can forget that there are normal male sex hormones, and there are a number of diseases associated with a predominance of female sex hormones - such as gynecomastia, obesity for female type "- explains the rector of Moscow State University of Food Production Dmitry Yedelev.

The office of the Chief of control of the licit drugs - pinned to the wall of portraits of the leaders of steroid mafia, club coaches, athletes. Among them - "King of anabolic Dmitry Kolomoytsev, the largest wholesaler, has ever caught in a net narkopolitsii.

Personnel operational shooting. A search at his suburban villa. King's fleet: 600 th "Mercedes", "Mini Cooper", "Lamborghini" of orange color.

"This is quite an odious personality. In the sports media to know almost everything, and everyone was sure that nobody will never hold up - so hurt he was a major figure with a fairly extensive ties. Sales, he exercised virtually the entire territory of Russia - as a parcel postage and by rail, "- said Ivan Elisavetchenko.

Hunt for Kolomoytsev took several years. While he himself did not really hiding. Access of its Internet site, where he is the example of his own body advertises the new steroid stuff, here's an article over the signature Kolomoytsev - interviews with athletes and at the end of the program of drug administration. However, he never a commodity does not even touch.

Shots outdoor surveillance. Kolomoytsev secret meetings - it is a black Mercedes - with couriers and wholesalers have occurred at sites of supermarkets, bus stops, in other crowded places. His accomplices to constantly check for the presence of shadowing, weekly changed phone numbers. Not only that - substrate license plate on the car courier reads: "Drug control.

"Comrade fully mastered the methods of preliminary investigation, he knew how that is done. Detained him only when it is fully collected all the evidence base held several operational experiments, and detained him at the exit of the fitness club," - Ivan continues Elisavetchenko.

Under Article 234 of the Penal Code - the illegal sale of hard drugs - Kolomoytsev and members of his group faces up to 10 years imprisonment. However, the holy place is never empty. When this story was prepared to the airwaves, the conductor train Kiev-Moscow was seized bundle with 3 kilograms of anabolic steroids. Steroid mafia is looking for new delivery channels potions in Russia.
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