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Many of you may know I become a new grandpop earlier this year.

I was looking after him, by myself for a few hours on the weekend.

A friend of mine came over to see my new grandson while I was doing this.

He said to me "show me the apple of your eye." I said to him "later."

Half an hour went by & he asked again "lets see your grandson." I said to him "in awhile."

Another half an hour went by, now he was starting to get upset, he growled "I've had enough, show me your grandson. Where the hell is he."

I told him he could see him when he cried, "why do I have to wait till he cried"

he replied.

I said "I forgot where I put him."

Boom Boom.................. :D

Got this from another site I go to... :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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