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Hi all,

I started a post a couple of weeks ago and was advised to go and get some blood work done. I had a testesterone check yesterday and have the results. I have no idea what my normal levels should be so I post the results below and welcome any advice any one can offer.

I am 25 years old -








8.0 -27.0

Original Post

I did a 15 week cycle of 500 sustanol and finished about 8-9 months ago -I did not do a proper PCT (1 week of nolvadex) due to listening to extremely bad advice from self proclaimed expert. I am more to blame than any one for failing to do my own reaserch - Stupid I know.

I suffered severe atrophy with my balls shrinking more than 50% of the original size; Sex drive was left no existant errections were difficult to maintain, morning wood was gone and my balls had no sensitivity whatsoever.

Over the last few months my balls felt like they were starting to recover. Now they are way more sensitive than when they were shut down but still not as big as they were before I took the test. My sex drive has slightly improved but morning wood is not as hard or consistant as normal and erections a struggle, although possible. Any improvemnts however have seemed to stop recently.

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It tells you in the post what your normal levels should be mate, that is the range you were given. 14 is right in the middle, so is fine but its not a good test as it doesnt state if it is free testosterone. If your SHBG is high, then your figure will count for nothing.

You need a FULL hormone profile done, not just testosterone, alone, it means not a lot!

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