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Hi its bin quite a while since i last got involved with all this im basically looking to bulk up slowly and steadily with the main focus being on

(1) acheiving dry lean gains

(2) not getting to big as to hamper me in the ring (mma hobby)

(3) keeping as much as possible after pct

(4) not jabbing ed or eod!!!!! (bigbaby) :lol:

Im 26



train 5-6 days a week, am cardio and pm weights, 2 weeks heavy, 1 week light then repeat (works for me).

diet????? jus come of a ckd diet with decent results but obv have to change it to suit cycle allthough not going to eat more than 3000 cals per day. Looking to possibly stay low carb but consume carbs pwo in liquid form along with protein shake.(hope this enough info to get on with)

After doing some interweb surfing ive come to think that test e/tren e and winny, with eca and an ai should give me what im after im thinking a 10 week cycle.

test e weeks 1-10

tren e weeks 2-10

winny (oral) weeks 6-13

pct day after last winny tabs

now with me not being to fresh on all this im looking for any one with expwerience with this or similar and allso some good advice on how to construct my pct and the dosages of test and tren, because last time i used a cycle i was 120kg and 30%bf so the advice i got was based on that weight etc.

an just before any one has ago i worked hard with nothing but trainig to get from 30 odd%bf down to 10%bf so the thought of bloating up is not a happy one for me which is why my main concern is to keep bloat and fat gain down to bare minimum:rockon:

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weeks 1-12 500gs test e every week

weeks 1-10 200-300mgs tren e every week

weeks 8-14 50mgs winny every day

adex .25mg eod thu cycle right upto start of pct

hcg at 400iu every 4th day right tru cycle upto start of pct

nolvadex/clomid pct

nolvadex - 40/40/20/20

clomid -100/50/50/25

proviron at 50mgs for 30 days if needed.
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