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Hello all,

Been running a course for past 15 weeks, and got 5 left.

Im 5ft 8 - 83kg 29 4-5 cycle over 3 years.

Started with weeks 1 -10

test 400 1m PW

EQ 200 1m PW

Leaned up nicely and strength gains good, all was in check for second half of course.

Week 9 i started adding Decca and increased EQ to match.

Im now running

Test 400 (600mg 1.5M PW)

EQ 300mg PW

Decca 300mg PW

ran nolvadax 20 mg ED weeks 8-10 just for good measure

My gains are good but im noticing that im not as lean as i was hopping to stay, due to Decca, prob just water retention, Should i increase the EQ for the last 5 weeks to say 4-500mg PW to build better lean muscle which is the goal or continue and see how it goes?

Also was thinking about running PCT differently any views on this method

Starting PCT during the last 2 weeks of my course due to 20 week heavy cycle.

1-6 1000iu HCG

2-6 clomid 50mg ED

weeks 5-8 Nolvadax 20mg ED

Not sure if anyone has run HCG like this any help be good.
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