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Getting HUGE!
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i had been on keto for most of the year taking in about200g protein and varing ammounts of fat from 220-150.

I want to switch to a low carb such as 250g protein, 150 g carbs and 100g fat.

My main question is (kinda silly) i want to eat all my carbs i the first 3 meals then fat for the other three, keeping protein constant. Iws this ok to do while still maintaing some strength and training 5 days a week weekend of and 1 hour cardio six days a week.

carbs will be weetabix/shredded wheat/ oats, wholemeal toast and wholemeal pasta and occasional potato.

Fats will be oils (fish,olive) redmeat fat such as steak etc and peanut butter

weight is around 14.14, and about 14-16% bodyfat thanks to my month off

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