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Hiya folks,

Im after a decent 4 to 5 day workout session covering full body over the week.

Weve been doing 5 days for the past 3 month now and seeing big improvements on size and strength, but we seem to have hit a wall and ive read somewhere i should change over my routine.

What changes would you make to our routine as it stands now?

Any help would be spot on

We normally do 4 sets of 10 getting heavier until fail set 3 and 4 (Usually 3-5 reps on last)

Day 1 - Chest / Triceps

Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, Cable Fly's, Dumbell Pullovers, Cable Tricep Extension, Triceps Dips.

Day 2 - Legs (Reps of 12, Sets of 4)

Seated Leg Press, Seated Leg Extension, Standing Calf Raises, Reverse Leg Extensions

Day 3 - Shoulders (Back to reps of 10)

Shoulder Press (To chin, cant do behind head), Shrugs, Cable Rows, Front Raise's, Side Raise's

Day 4 - Back / Biceps

Wide Grip Pulldowns, Seated Rows, Seated High Rows, Underhand Pulldowns, EZ bar curls, 21's

Day 5 - Cardio usually, maybee more arms depending on how we are.

Sorry for the long winded post but any help would be great, aim is to put size and strength on, like i say any help will be great.

Cheers for readin

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