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Hello - I've also posted this in the other diet & nutrition forum, hope this is ok but wasn't sure of the best place for it :)

Ok so I found out a good freind has a unique way of eating & I'm kind of worried about how healthy it is.

I saw her last week after not seeing her for just over 3 weeks and commented that she was looking good and leaner - she'd put on a bit of weight this year after an injury and not being able to train and had been a bit stressed about it.

Anyhow for nearly 3 weeks this is what she eats/drinks probally 80/90% of the time - apart from the occasional tinned fish or omelette & salad if she has to eat out.

Protein shakes made with 25g MP whey isolate, 25g MP total protein, big spoon of spirulina or barleygrass powder, multi vit powder, glutamine powder, pysillium husks for breakfast and the same before bed - but wait it gets worse!!

I asked if she missed eating when following this liquid food diet for days on end - she then takes a big cerial bowl, in goes a scoop of whey isolate, a scoop of MP total protein, a spoon of both barleygrass & spirulina powder, a big tablespoon of glutamine powder, a tablespoon of pysillium husks to add texture & fibre, and 30ml of udo's oil or sometimes a little coconut oil - mix it into a paste and eat :lol: I must say it tastes better than it sounds. kind of like a chocolately paste! She drinks a whole lot of water before & after eating this.

She has this 2 or 3 times a day as a meal as well as the drinkable version am & pm.

She also takes various suppliments inc vit C, Krill, green tea, CLA, alcar, magnesium, Rhodeola rosea & insists that the vits & minerals in the barleygrass & spirulina combined with the protein & large amounts of EFAs in the udo's oil & Krill + the glutamine to make up for the very low carbohydrates makes the perfect combo & so much easier than cooking loads of proper food!

She says she won't be doing it forever but for the moment its working well and she feels good on it so why not. She drinks 3 or 4 litres of water a day and has also started another an ECA stack 20/200/75 once of twice a day after a 4 month break.

I dunno what to think - its just kind of bizare I guess and I'm a little worried as it seems alot of oil & protein not to mention the pysillium!! I don't train with her anymore as she uses a different gym now she's moved but she always trained fairly hard 5 or 6 days a week with weights and still does as far as I can tell - she really does look well though :confused1:

Would really welcome some thoughts on this as maybe I'm worrying too much?

Cheers guys & I'm sorry for such a long post!

Sounds perfectly healthy to me.

She should add in some real food especially fruit, veg and perhaps a bit of meat or eggs besides that looks fine to me.
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