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Thoughts must have changed over the years. Var was often used by ‘half nattys’ to get over a plateau. 🤔
Seemed to be the standalone steroid for those that didn’t want to take steroids 😆
I once sat on a horse and some big lad gave me a bag of crab sticks
If he was in his late 50’s, bald and had a big nose I think I know him mate

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Been lurking for a while so this'll be my first post.

Whether they're legit anavar or not (could be winstrol for example) they work.

I was running 75mg a day alongside my legit doctor prescribed TRT (52.5mg a week - that's to top of the range for me! with HCG though) and it made a huge difference I noticed a real shove from day 10 onwards. Strength kept rising. My training and diet is very strict so could pin point it easily. Loved that feeling of getting more reps than expected even after increasing the weight haha.

I was experiencing sides at that level so dropped to 50mg a day but only ran the course for 6 weeks. Mainly insanely hot expecially at night and in the gym. Gave that run down feeling most of the day also which was probably liver / kidneys.

Note it tanked my SHBG to 7. Blood tested week four. Did mean free T was through the roof but low SHBG has its sides as well.

I'm an extreme converter to E2 as even need 6.25mg aromasin 2 x week on TRT with daily injections! Note I do run low dose HCG also which drives up my E2. I therefore edged my AI up also as I knew free T was going to increase with the inevitable knock on SHBG.

After a break now on 260mg test and 175mg masteron (to control E2) but only on week two and it's not hit yet like the anavar quite yet (anavar was 525mg a week on top of trt and has a short half life so comes in quicker). More of a slow steady increase but expect it to come on a bit more by week 4. Depending on how things go I may bring in the anavar at the back end of the cycle but probably only at 12.5mg or 25mg a day to compliment the above. Going to run bloods at start of week 5 and take a view from there both on bloods and how things are going. Depending on E2 levels may flex either test or mast up or down. Feel OK from an E2 perspective at the moment (I'm pretty familiar with high and low as it was a nightmare dialling it in on TRT).

Gone on a bit of a ramble but hopefully helpful to someone!
Pulled bloods today so will post up results to share with the community once they come through.

Although may start a separate thread.....
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