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Thought i would post up a full log of a recent Oral only cycle. I'm sure a few people considering something similar will find it a good read, and i personally found it very hard to find a complete cycle log online when i was doing research.


200 x 15mg - Anavar (Med-Tech Solutions)

100 x 10mg - Turinabol (Axio)

100 x 10mg - Turinabol (Syntrop)

30 x 40mg - Androil (Organon)

Post Cycle Support

30 x 20mg - Tamoxifen (Iran Hormone)

20 x 50mg - Clomid (Iran Hormone)

General Supps

Creatine Ethyl Ester

Multi Vitamin

Omega 3, 6 & 9 Softgels


Liv 52

AI Cycle Support (This is not recommended by the way. Felt no noticable benefits, and tasted horrible)


Meal Replacement Powder

Bedtime Formula

Morning Formula


4 or 5 Times Per Week.

Between 3 / 4 Exercises per muscle, 4 sets each (12, 10, 10, 8) + a warmup where required. Increasing weight for every set, once a full 12, 10, 10, 8 could be completed, then increased the starting weight and went again.

Day 1 - Chest & Tri's

Day 2 - Back & Bi's

Day 3 - Legs & Shoulders (inc Traps)

Calves, Forearms & Abs were thrown in as and when quite randomly and not as frequent as what i consider the main muscle groups.

I like to mix my exercises up a little, but i always keep the solid mass builder in there. For example, chest day - Gotta have a flat BB Bench Press in there, but then sometimes i would do incline, decline, flyes, pullovers etc. Just to mix it up a little.

Only cardio is a 5 min warmup on the rower. Warm down, was a brisk walk home from Gym.

Sessions are 60min each +/- 10min.


My normal diet, i would say Average to Slightly above average to be honest. I do 6 meals a day, but 2 of them are from Meal Replacements.

I dont calorie count, i just try my best to get 30g of protein in every 2 -3 hours.

I certainly don't eat unhealthily, but i am not prepared to give up my Fortnightly Indian takeaway for no one!

Absolutely no alcohol, chocolate, deserts etc.

On Cycle

Weeks 1 - 4

Anavar - 60mg ED

Androil - 40mg ED

Weeks 5 - 8

Anavar - 45mg ED

Turinabol - 60mg ED

So first thing i noticed at around day 7, was veins....everywhere. Really pronounced. Day 14, reps and weight started increasing on everything, quite rapidly. Right from day 7 my weight rocketed. This continued until week 6, where it levelled off. Strength gains continued right until the end of the 8 weeks.

First week of the cycle i had back pumps, which eventually stopped, up until about week 6 i felt good. Week 6 to 8 i felt a little bit down to be honest, possibly due to low test, and whilst i am aware that 40mg of Test U, isn't up to much, i could definately tell that i wasn't taking it anymore.... in terms of mood and drive.

Sex Drive throughout the cycle was spot on, no prob's, again up until about week 6, then i just couldn't be bothered.

No other sides whilst on cycle.

Whilst on cycle my weight peaked at +16lbs

Post Cycle Therapy

Started the PCT around 30 hours from last AAS administration. PCT was going to be a little heavier, but i lost a strip of 10 Clomids somehow.

Day 1 - Clomid 150mg, Nolva 60mg

Day 2 - Clomid 100mg, Nolva 40mg

Days 3 to 7 - Clomid 100mg, Nolva 20mg

Days 8 to 13 - Clomid 50mg, Nolva 20mg

Days 14 to 27 - Nolva 20mg

I thought this was perfectly sufficient for med's and length of the cycle.

So PCT, was [email protected]! Felt terrible for the first 7 days, no drive, motivation, bit moodly, didnt want sex etc. From day 7 onwards its slowly got better. Around day 20 felt spot on again. Everything 'felt' good.

Training through PCT was hard to get into the gym. One of of the weeks i only got in 3 x , couple of the days i dissapeared 10 mins early. I was determined not to let my strength go down. I kept everything on the same weights, and whilst it was more difficult and i was getting less reps, i did eventually pull this back by the end of PCT.

During PCT my weight dipped by - 4lbs, so a total of + 12lbs.

After PCT

When cycle and PCT was done with, i kept the weight on what i peaked at on cycle for a couple of weeks, then had a crack at putting it up - strength is increasing albeit very slowly from when i was on cycle. Same goes for my bodyweight.

Bodyweight went back up + 2lbs, which leaves me at + 14lbs.

This weight is holding steady, rising slowly like the weights are.

Cycle Results

Bodyweight + 14lbs

Strength (Isolated Exercises) + 10 - 15%

Strength (Compound Exercises) + 15 - 20%

Bodyfat (Calipers) - 2%

In general this was a huge boost in my training. Id say the progress made during this 3 months of cycle and PCT, was double or possibly even triple that i would of made without it.

Again, hope this helps someone, and if anyone needs some more info, just give us a shout.

If you have enjoyed this start to finish log, please post up your own ASAP, there are a lot of people running cycles, but very few with a full set of results posted up.

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