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I have been training for the last 16 years. I have made big gains and are both fit and strong. I have recently had 9 months of due to busting my AC joint, developing a SLAP tear et al, which required an operation. However, I am now back to the gym and the muscle has developed quickly.

I am now 34, ht 6' 200 pounds and very lean.

Recently I have been training hard and have hit that plateu where there is not that much more room for growth and I am also tierd. I train 4/7 with some type of aerobic on day 6.

Now the point. I am looking at some form of exogenous test. I do not want to get massive but could do with some help.

I have been looking at Testaviron 400mg a week, only. I do not really want to stack and have top start supplementing the Test with oral steroids etc. I have decide on test for a number of reasons.

My questions are 1) would this be effective in increasing size and strength alone?

2) I really dont want to have the stress of PCT.

I have thought about my course 12 weeks

first 8/52 - 400mg week Monday 200 Thursday 200

Then taper down to 200mg a week for the next 4/52 then finish the cycle and reinitiate 3/12 later.

Some advice would be grately appreciated, many thanks.
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