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Hiya im struggling with shoulder pressing atm, our gym has had a new machine put in for shoulder press,

My arms/shoulders dont seem to move back into the right position, im the same with the bar i cant get it anywhere near behind the head.

Are there any specific stretches or excersises i can do to increase the rotation / movement on my shoulders?

Its really starting to get on my nearves as everything ive tried so far hasnt worked.

Cheers in advance Dave. :beer:

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Something like this may help,

It looks stupid, but it's actually really good.

Light shoulder isolation exersises that are performed past the usuall range of motion, such as a front raise performed till the arm is verticle above the head, may help.

I have also read that doing Overhead Squats can really help loosen up the shoulders due to the stabalization feature of it, but I havn't tried that one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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