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Hi all,


Age: 23

Weight 186lbs 20% BF

height: 6 feet

Cycle history: 3 D-Bol only cycles then 12 week bulk with sust, gained 16lbs of which 10lbs was LBM.

From 2009-2010 I gained 15lbs LBM, this year 2010-2011 I will try to do the same. So far I have gained 4lbs, 11lbs to go.

Goal for this cycle: Hopefully i will gain the remaining 11lbs if not more.

Cycle layout:

Test E 500 or 600mg Week 1-10

D-Bol 40mg Week 1-4

D-Bol 30mg Week 11

D-Bol 20mg Week 12

Fincar 1.25mg ED

Nolva 5mg ED

HCG 250iu x2 Week 4-12


Nolva 20mg ED week 13- 16

Total caloric intake daily will be 4-5k, Which should put 2-3lbs of weight on a week

In preparation to the cycle I will drop body fat down by 10-15lbs naturally without any anabolic or clen or t3 as they are too catabolic and I end up losing some muscle.

I have 3 month to drop that weight. Should be easy.


Am I using enough androgen for my second proper cycle and is there anything I should change.

Please feel free to comment.

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Graham Mc:

whats up with using dbol on the 11 - 12 weeks?

I add the D-bol at the end of the cycle in attempt to keep androgen levels steady while the Test E levels start decreasing, this helps me to continue to train hard right until the very end of my cycle.

I did this for my last cycle and i did not feel down, fatigued or anything like that basically everything went perfectly thats why im doing it again this cycle.


Add Adex 0.5mg 3*W, drop Nolva.

Reason why i chose nolva is because i wanted to keep estrogen levels up but not active around nipples during cycle to help with gains and prevent gyno and minimise HD cholesterol from going down too much, like it did with last cycle as i used feminar and also i read estrogen prevents left ventricular hypertrophy to a certain degree. (please correct me if im wrong)

Increase HCG to 750/1000iu 1*W.

For my last cycle i used HCG @ 250iu x 2 EW starting week 4 administered sub Q and i retained ball size and i recovered nat T levels by week 2 of pct and by week 3 i had oily skin high libido and high jizz volume. so i will stick to my plan for now as it works for me but thanks for the advice.
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