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hi all just after a bit of help really with my diet.

im 21, 5'8 and weight about 13.5, i am currently trying to bulk, i have looked in the diet threads and i know what i should be eating food wise, i eat very similar everyday so following a diet for me is like routine really, i dont really know tho how much carbs or protein nd fat i should be consuming, as i say im ona bulk and i am slowly gaining size but what im noticing is im carrying a bit mre flab, i hvnt got a bellybut its just a bit flabby, but then on the other hand im very lean on my chest and shoulders and back legs etc, it seems the weight goes strayt to my mid section, i know this may be a stupid question but could u take a suppliment like hydroxycut hardcore ona bulk?

any thoughts please post em a typical days food 4 me would be

7.00 100g oats, 4 eggs table spoon ov p.butter, and banana blend and drink

10.00 - 2 bananas cant really eat at thi time due to work

12.00 - 100g pasta, 2 tin tuna, with mayo

3.00 - protein shake 50g whey

5.00 - pwo 50whey,bccas, and simple carbs

7.00 - lamb mince,chicken,or steak, with 100g pasta or rice

bed - protein shake 25g whey

i know my diet prolly sucks, thats my general work day, on my days of and weekends i always eat mid morn ans mid aft.

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7.00 100g oats, 2 whole eggs,4 egg whites, 20g protein from whey.

10.00 - 2 bananas and protein shake maybe with some natty peanut butter.

12.00 - 100g pasta, 2 tin tuna olive oil and seasoning maybe some ketchup instead of the mayo.

3.00 - protein shake 50g whey - add in some oats here 75g.

5.00 - pwo 50whey,bccas, and simple carbs

7.00 - lamb mince,chicken,or steak, with 100g pasta or rice

bed - protein shake change to 40g add in some natty peanut butter.

I would have it more like that mate personally.

The good fats from peanut butter you could get from olive oil or udos oil if you dont like nuts etc.

You dont want much fat in your first meal as it will slow down the rate the protein is digested but this is good for befor bed.

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Basically from each meal i eat i try and get 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fats. This works for me but you need to experiment with your diet to see what works for you best.

For example:

1: 50g whey, 75 oatmeal

2: 200g chicken, 250g rice

3: 1 tin of tuna, large jacket potatoe, veg

4: 200g chicken, 250g pasta

5: steak or fish, large jacket potatoe, veg

Then you can have protein shakes in between meals, before training, after training etc etc
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