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I'm in my 2nd week of running Tren + Tes, I am running a 10 week cycle, however summat has come up at work in the beggining of October which is gonna put me out 4 3weeks, this means I can now only run the cycle for 6 weeks I'd then have 2 stop for 3 weeks, wots the best thing 2 do? Should I cut the cycle short!

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Joycey19 said:
Both are Enanthate, my cylcle wudda looked like this

week 1-2 dbol

week 1-10 test-e 40 ml p week

week 1-10 tren-e 40 ml p week

week 10-12 dbol

20 ml of each on mon + thurs split

However now I need 2 cut it short, what shud I do?
20ml of each per week???

Surely you mean 2ml of each :confused1:
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