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Hey everybody,

It has been about a year that I've been working out and now I really want to have the right diet in order to get bulk.

I am naturally quite skinny (67kg (147lbs), waist size: 77cm (30inches), 17 years old).

I would really like to be clearer on my nutrition and not having a diet that is actually not the best. If you could give me honest opinion and suggestions, I would be really thankful!

I set a list of food a would eat every day to get around 250g of protein, 450g of carbs and 3500 kcal.

I am absolutely aware that the numbers depend on the person, but generally speaking are those numbers suitable to get bulk?


The meals I get these numbers with are:

Cottage cheese (750g)

Pasta (300g)

2 bars of protein bars

1 Protein shake (20g of protein (isn't that too low for a shake?))

300g of trout (60g of protein)

Rice (300g)

Are those meals ideal to get bulky? Isn't there a smarter, more efficient diet ?

Finishing those meals is pretty hard + with school it is really hard to find the TIME to eat this much..

What would be the perfect diet so I could get bulk ? I of course know that it would take years and lots of dedication. I am ready for that, please give me your honest suggestions, thank you!
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