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ok so for the last 3-4 months i have used 5x5 on the compound exercises and 3x10 on a couple of auxillary exercises to go with them, have had good rise in weight, muscle mass and strength.

i was doing this to gain some strength and mass as my comp lifts were not good. i have gotten my dl to around 230kg for reps, squat at 165kg for reps and bench to 115kg for reps, all around 5 reps using a 5x5 routine.

but whats opinions on changing the rep range to 4x8? would this be better suited to hypertrophy now that my strength is at a reasonalble level, maybe drop weigh by a small percent and do higher rep range.


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i personally use a variety of rep ranges most of the time. i have found that my chest responds well to 6's on BB presses, but 12's on flys, so that's what i tend to use.

if returning from a break, holiday or post comp i will typically start with some high rep work and taper the reps down, so-

4 weeks 15reps/set

4 weeks 12reps/set

4 weeks 10reps/set

4 weeks 8reps/set

the initial higher rep weeks create a superb mind/muscle connection, feel for the movement and pump. then every time the reps drop strength obviously increases.

after this will go back to staggered reps, so for 4 sets 12,10,8,8 for example.

there is no right or wrong, just experiment with yourself and record it for looking back over...
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