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I'm dieting just now, normally when dieting I have Morrisons or Tescos extra lean steak mince (circa 5% fat) as burgers, just simple squash the mince into a patty and fry in 1-cal affair.

But recently I have been on the Turkey mince, this **** is only £1.78 for 500g out of Morrisons, and is as low in fat as the extra lean steak mince.

Its softer and more moist too, so easier to eat in general; I was making meatballs and sauce with it (tasted like subway almost, but totally diet compliant) but got kinda bored.

So in a fit of creativity the other night I took my 500g turkey mince, salted it, peppered it, then threw in 3 tsp of mustard - just standard yellow stuff (have tried with wholegrain, also excellent), then the key ingredient - Bovril do this stuff now, it is still bovril, but runnier and in a sauce bottle - far more convenient.

A dash of that into the mix.

Then a small onion, finely chopped - pump that right in there.

Mix it all up, should give a fairly wet feeling mix.

Then split it into burgers, I find it gives 4 good sized ones, but you can make bigger or smaller to suit.

Fry off on a highish heat. What happens is the bovril sort of caramelises a bit ont he outside of the burger giving it amazing flavour and kinda "flame grilling". The inside stays soft, even when overcooked, prob because it is a moist meat to start with, but then adding mustard etc.

Taste totally superb, seriously, and diet compliant. The onion, mustard, and bovril, for all that is used, isn't even worth considering in daily macros, so you are basically eating 500g of turkey mince - approx 100g prot, 25ish g fat.

I limit bread on diet, but allowed myself a couple of slices of hovis 50/50 and boshed a burger in. Bit of ketchup and an ASDA light cheese slice - it was amazing, didn't even taste like diet food.

One thing - you need a decent frying pan, I have a tefal aluminium one, has a red spot in it, see them in most supermarkets - cannot reccomend this highly enough, been using it for months and still as non stick as day one, plus the design of the base distributes heat evenly, and holds heat when you add stuff to pan... pleasure to use and not expensive, def reccomend one to anyone bbing.

ive just wet myself oopppss lol
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Well my turkey mince is defrosting as we speak so will give it a bash tomorrow and report back ...I tend to like the mince cooked in the pan first [yes with tefal hot spot] and then bunged in the oven so that the top goes crispy otherwise the mince can look [although not taste] a bit ropey. Cant have the bread but turkey burgers with veg should do nicely :)
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