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right think i have got everything sorted for next course starting on monday.

Wk1-4 Dbol - 30mg ed.

Wk1-5 Sust - 500mg pw.

Wk6-12 Test En - 500mg pw.

Wk1-12 Adex - 0.5mg e3d.

PCT 2wks after last jab.

Clomid - 100/50/50/50.

Nolvadex - 40/20/20/20.

If anyone spots anything that should be amended please let me know.

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Looks good, Sust is better at the start as it has Test Deca in it, which has a longer half life than Enth.

Have you thought about chucking an oral in at the end? Ie those two dead weeks you have waiting for the test to clear? Winstrol maybe? Tighten things up.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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