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Hi all, first post on this site, been lurking for a few weeks and must say its better then mens health!

Basically need some help changing my current Push/Pull/Legs, so any advice/new routines/**** takes would be helpful.

I have recently came off full body and push/pull strength training routines so im now looking to increase my size.

All exercises are 4x8 unless stated and I was on 45-60sec rest inbetween sets. Am i doing enough exercises for all muscle groups or should i beast myself some more?


Bench Press

Incline DB Press

Cable Crossover

DB Bench Press

CloseGrip Bench Press

Cable Pushdown (Bar)


Deadlift (4x6)

Pull ups (I didnt to weighted ones)


Elite Rings Chin Ups


Preacher Curls



Lunges (although i rarely did these as there were painful on the knees)


Step Ups Kettle Bell

Military Press

Seated DB Press

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Thats not really a push/pull/legs as youve got shoulders on leg day, but thats fine really aslong as there is enough rest between shoulders and chest so that your triceps arnt fatigued.

Also i would add in a rear delt exercise such as: rear delt flyes with dbs or with the machine. Or maybe upright rows. And maybe you dont need military press and seated press, but thats up to you really.

maybe change your deadlifts to 5x5 as you will see some good strength gains from that.
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