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Hey guys, so I am still fairly new to the world of BB. I have a rugby background, and until recently have basically eaten what I want!

Long story short, I am very overweight but also large frame and strong. Training is going well, and I now realise I need to shift some fat to start SEEING the results of my hard work. Main fat area is stomach. A nutritionist through the gym who had a similar journey met with me and discussed goals etc.

He said 250g Protein, 60g Carbs, and minimal fat as a starting point. I asked to confirm per meal or per day as 250g per meal seems a sh1t ton of food! He said, yep per meal. So carbs, that's about a handful of pasta so it seemed fair enough. Either way, a lot less carbs than I was having so results looked inevitable.

Today however, I met up with a different gym guy who overhead me talking to the original guy, and he said 'no no no, you misunderstood, he meant 250g protein etc per day.

WTF? So that makes sense with protein, as its fairly spread out, but 60g across the day, is like zilch!!! That would be a couple of pasta shells!

Now i'm really confused and don't know what to do. I have asked for confirmation, but they both still maintain they are right!

Could someone explain, is it likely to be per day or per meal?

Please dont bombard me with NEW info though. I love all the guidance etc, but I am just trying to get sorted on this first.


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