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Two ice cream adverts, one showing a pregnant nun and the other two male priests about to kiss, are facing a ban by the advertising watchdog after offending Roman Catholics.

The provocative slogan 'immaculately conceived' appears on the image of the nun eating from a pot of Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano.

Meanwhile, the picture of two men in cassocks and clerical collars, embracing with their lips inches apart, bears the words 'we believe in salivation'.

The Advertising Standards Authority received complaints that the adverts, which have appeared in Grazia, Look and The Lady, are offensive to religious believers.

It has indicated the image of the nun is likely to be banned and is still investigating the advert featuring the priests.

British firm Antonio Federici said the adverts celebrated the 'implied forbidden Italian temptations' of the ice cream.

Creative director Matt O'Connor said the company would lose a substantial sum if it had to pull the campaign and was considering a legal challenge.

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akalatengo said:
people just go to far to advertise, it shows where our society is going

I hole that company go out of business
Some people are fare too sensitive and push their censorship on others. I hope catholicism goes out of business.

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