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225 lbs and gaining
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Hey peeps.

Right, got a question for you.

I've been thinking lately about pre-workout nutrition. Alot of people (including myself) like to have high GI carbs along with low GI carbs before a workout. Now for my high GI carbs I usually have maltodextrin.

Now, what's wrong with having a chocolate bar pre-workout instead? Or maybe some Jaffa Cakes. Alot of people say there's better carb sources than a chocolate bar etc, but why exactly? When asked that question, no one seems to have a solid answer.

I understand that a chocolate bar might not be the best idea POST workout because of the fats in it, slowing down the insulin spike and protein absorbsion, but why not pre-workout?? Having fats before a workout shouldn't matter, surely. All maltodextrin is is sugar, so I don't see how chocolate can be a "bad souce of carbs" when that's also sugar.

Would be interesting to hear responces, cheers.
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