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im 24, 5' 10", 10.5 stone. I am aiming for size here is my workout plan I will be training at home.

mon. chest/tri

barbell flat bench 4x8

chest flys 4x8 lstf

tri extensions 4x8 lstf

incline dumbbell flys 4x8 lstf

skullcrushers 4x8

wed back/bi

deadlifts 4x8 lstf

dumbbell bent over rows 4x8


barbell bicep curls 4x8

one arm dumbbell hammer curls 4x9

fri delts/traps

dumbbell military press 4x8

lateral dumbbell raises 4x8 lstf

dumbbell shrugs 4x10

barbell upright rows 4x10


squats 4x8

calf raises 4x8 lstf

hanging led raises 4x8

dumbbell side bends 4x8
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