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Hi guys, just coming to the end of a 4 week course of winstrol (oral) at 30mg a day. Altho this wasn't exactly a harsh cycle, i was just wondering which way to run PCT. I have nolva for PCT. How shud i run it? My source says i shudn't even need a PCT for such a low dose course. Wud prefer to run something anyway.

Also, what can i do to try and keep the gains i have made (no size or strength to speak, just hardness and vascularity). Is there anything i can do to keep this going.

Have to say, this was my first AAS cycle, and i've really enjoyed being on it. Won't miss having to take all those liv52 and milk thistle tabs tho lol!

Cheers in advance for ur advice guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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