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Even though our physiological framework may be different, food is one thing we all can't do without and one thing we all have in common.

We all need food to generate the fuel needed to achieve our individual workout objectives.

Healthy eating and good nutrition combined with your workout regimen is the perfect recipe for attaining your bodybuilding goals.

The five key essentials for bodybuilding nutrition below can serve as a guide towards helping you to achieve telling bodybuilding results.

#1. Try eating small meals all through the day: Small meals eaten throughout the day rather than just having three square meals will do the trick. Eating three times a day as most regular folks do, will go some way to helping you build muscle mass or lose body weight (if done right).
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However, eating healthy snacks and small meals on multiple occasions daily will better help in regulating your blood-sugar levels. Also, small meals will give your body the fuel needed for your training routine even as your body's metabolism adjusts itself to the stimulus derived from your workouts.

#2. Excessive eating of processed food is a no, no: You really should limit your eating high-calorie foods with very little nutrients. This means keeping processed foods on the back burner.
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Your daily diet should be made up of a nutrient-rich meal plan. When you do, you will find out that your body will be better adjusted to your workout program and you will no doubt feel it. In addition to this, you will see your cravings drop as you watch your transformation to shape.

#3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: In order to maintain peak performance, you need to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water as well as calorie-free drinks.
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Stay clear of beverages with a high sugar content, as these drinks can seriously subdue the defense system of your body. If you have a sweet tooth and crave sweet beverages, you can try out low-calorie branched-chain amino acid or protein shake blends.

#4. Strategically plan your intake of carbs: Typically, you have two broad groups of carbs: non-starchy and starchy carbs. Starchy carbs include foods like pasta, bread, and rice while non-starchy carbs include whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

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Starchy carbs are fast acting food options that tend to quickly increase blood sugar levels. However, non-starchy foods contain a higher fiber content and gradually increase blood sugar levels.

When planning your intake of carbs, you should prioritize your consumption of non-starchy carbs. Note that starchy carbs are best taken just before your regular workout or just after training.

Starchy carbs should be used to provide the fuel needed before a workout session or used to replenish the glycogen levels of your skeletal muscles after training. This way you will be able to build up and sustain lean skeletal muscle tissue.

#5. Consume loads of lean protein: This is the fifth key essential for bodybuilding nutrition and one necessary for optimizing the growth of skeletal muscle tissue.
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Consuming a macronutrient like protein will also stimulate your fat-burning hormones, especially when your daily intake of protein occurs a few hours at a time. Eating foods with high-protein content is essential to your bodybuilding goals.

Apart from building muscle tissue, protein also promotes quick healing and recovery. If you find it hard to keep up your consumption of protein-based foods, you can try out protein powder. Protein powder can provide you with your daily need for protein.

During the day you can consume whey protein (between your regular meals) while at night you can take slow-digesting casein protein either as a pudding or shake. When this pudding or shake is taken at night, you will be able to boost your bodybuilding gains.

And that's that!

Stay tuned for the third part of this Simple Meal Plan Guide for Bodybuilding Beginners where I highlight a meal plan template that I hope would help put you on course to achieving your bodybuilding goals.

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Good one Jayne. Just one point, the salmon over here in the UK more than likely comes from a salmon farm and we are advised not to eat more than 2 portions a week. That is because of the contaminates in the salmon. Salmon went from the odd special meal to being popular here due to the protein, Omega fish Oils and all the other nutrients.
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