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Hi all,

I`am looking at doing a cycle of Anavar, my current routine is loosely based around this..

Monday - Chest + Tri

Tuesday - Rest (Cardio 30 mins)

Wednesday - Back + Biceps

Thursday - Rest (Cardio 30 mins)

Friday - Shoulders + Legs

Saturday - Rest (Cardio 30 mins)

Sunday - Abs.

My aim is to build lean muscle, im not that bothered about putting on alot of mass..I`am more interested in going for definition and shape than size. A few people have told me that I would be better lifting lighter weights with a higher number of reps. To what extent is this true? Is there any other tips about how I should train to achieve the more defined look?

Any info, much appreciated... :beer: :beer:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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