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I really trust my source , but if anyone could verify if these ampoules are the real deal, that would be great.
The ampoules are from Abbott Karachi. Yes I have heard OBS makes ampoules from 2010 or something and forward, but I still think Abbott have these in production.

The ampoules:
Thick and solid glass. Somewhat hard to break compared to other legit Aburaihan ampoules I had before.
Concave at the bottom of the ampuole, not flat.
Propionate is written correctly with an "i" not "L".
All the ampoules are filled to exactly the same level and the height is the same for all.
The expire date and batch number is written in black ink dot matrix.
They all look really professionally made.

BN: 740798XV
EXP: 5/2018

Vertical writing:


Sorry for my bad English.


View attachment IMG_0451.JPG



If obs pharmatec karachi then they are legitimate, this discussion has been going on for a few years now. abbots no longer in production as pharmatec got the license to manufacture these babes
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