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Hi All,

Firstly appologies if i got this in the wrong section but couldnt decide which was the correct in, i think its here.

Background -

Ive been training on and off since I was 16. Im now 26. i always seem to start to get somewhere for one reason or another seem to stop for a few mounths then go back to square one. Ive determined to keep it up this time I have a gym in my house and train first thing in the morning so no distractions!!

ive been training for now for a good year.

Im 27yrs 6ft 34" waist, weight 14st. Was 12 1/2 st when i started.

Traning plan to date -

I train Chest & Arms, shoulders & back, legs and cardio.Traning 5 days a week normaly. last going off i was using the pyriamd traning. 3 sets 10,8 & 6/fail.

i can bench the 90kg to fail, curling 40kg, shoulder press with DB 30kg DBs back pull down/rows round the 70-80kg

If im honest i do the biggest mistake and tend to drop legs off. (I KNOW!!)

Been looking on her and looking to do a 5x5 program to get the legs in shape aswell as all round building. 12 weeks increasing each session.

Routine A-


Bench press

seated rows

leg raises

cable tricep

Routine B -


military press

pull ups

Preacher pad curls

decline twist abs

Train these Mon/Wed/Fri

And get some cardio in on tuesday and Thursdays.

My diet -

7.30 - 4 weetabix for breakfast

9.00 - Protein/ oat bars with fruit (got recipe off here..cheers!)

10.30 - Protein shake - I use USN pure protein

11.30 - Brown rice and broccoli / cous cous with roast veggies

1.30 - Pasta and chicken / rice with chicken / tuna with jacket spud

3.30 - protein bar with fruit

5.00 - Protein shake

6.30 - Eve meal, fish with pots, spag bog, lasagne, something along those lines.

I eat about 4-5 pieces of fruit trough the day.

at the moment im natural, but thinkin of maybe tryin some gear but want a bit of info and check im doing the right stuff.

So what you guys and girls think? any suggestions/improvments?

how the 5x5 program sound?


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