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7am- 6 hard bolid eggs with 100g roled oats (semi skimmed milk)

9am - 4 slices lean beef on whole meal bread/handfull of almont nuts

11am- chicken fillet with hand full brown rice (ollive oil dressing)

12pm - multi powder 500ml rtd shake

1pm -slamon fillet with green veg

3pm- 4 slaces oflean beef on whole meal bread

5pm - pre work out shake

5.30pm - gym

6.30 cnp pro recover shake and take

7.30- fillet stake with veg and home made sweet patatoe wedges (oven)

9pm - natty yogart with honey and crushed almond nuts

9.30-10pm -sleep

am not the best with diet and thats prob way off but if anyone can comment ont his diet that would be great ,i stay very lean year round no matter what i eat ,i am around 9% body fat as it stands now at 13.8 stone ,5,9.

any help would be great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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