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Omega 3 and Inflammation

Lately inflammation has been view of a somewhat more different. Unlike an acute inflammation where the inflammatory process is fast, like when you fall to thin his arm for example, chronic inflammation persists for days and were leaving, for a lifetime. Yes this is the inflammation that should concern us. It is this type of inflammation which is connected to various diseases such as arthritis, allergies, asthma, hypothyroidism, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. And the youngest is known that metabolic syndrome: a mixture of several of these inflammatory diseases.
Now, how to circumvent all this inflammation and, consequently, all these diseases? Undoubtedly one of the best ways is to start by their food, and she the cause of it all actually. No use insisting on remedies for it and for what if your diet does not change. And once again, the Paleolithic diet is a great option. And this for two reasons:
1. From the Paleolithic diet is not allowed intake causing inflammation such as food grains (yes, your bread 50 grains do that to you), vegetable fat, casein and wheat in particular. The idea of this diet is to abolish large part, if not all, of processed foods, and then go to eat only real food. The fact is that the more man puts his hand on food, the worse it gets.
2. Relation between consumption of omega 3 and omega 6.
These two fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats and are therefore essential, ie our body does not synthesize them (manufactures) and so they can only get through its intake in the diet. So far so good, but what really matters is the ratio of consumption between these two fatty acids. It is known that omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory agent, but not much is known (and is not published) that the omega 6 is a pro-inflammatory agent and an imbalance in the consumption of both can lead to all the problems mentioned above, and other as cardiovascular diseases. Our ancestors (Paleolithic era
) consumed a ratio of 3: 1 omega 6 to omega 3, respectively. Some people even reached the incredible ratio of 1: 1 (fishermen). But what happens today is somewhat different. In our Western diet we are arriving at a ratio of 20: 1. If you look, some say as much as 30: 1 omega 6 to omega 3. Why does the rate of such inflammatory diseases has increased so much, right? Before he not had a heart attack as much as in recent years
. It was not previously had cancer as today.
Comes to be funny to see people accepting such diseases as normal:
- John Doe died.
- He died that?
- He had cancer ...
- Hmmm, how are people dying with cancer today, right?
Sad, but true ...
But want to see things get worse?
Reading what was written above, which would then be the correct procedure to take? Increase consumption of omega 3. One. And how? Consuming more fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and supplementing their own omega 3. Okay, but we calmly ...
The animals mentioned above will only have omega 3 are consumed omega 3. So, that your salmon bred in captivity and was fed with feed and not with seaweed that are rich in Omega 3, have a very low content of omega 3. The same happens with tuna and sardines. Ideally only consume animals that were created organically as a direct fish caught from the sea (sea one that hopefully is not contaminated with mercury is highly toxic to the brain
) and cattle that grazed on real grass and not They were clogged full soybean feed, corn and sorghum.
In view of the difficulty of feeding this way today, supplementation of omega 3 has been the choice to ensure the consumption of this nutrient. But there are still some tips that will help you buy and consume your omega 3 supplement correctly and safely. Unfortunately it is not just quit buying and taking ...
The majority of omega 3 supplements marketed today are found in capsules and typically are 1000mg. There is still fish oil itself in nature, but do not imagine the taste that's so bad it should be and the form of storage that should be a little more complicated, given that its omega 3 should not receive neither light nor heat, because if that happens he will lose all his benefits.
For additional then the best choice would be the capsules. But make sure the quality of the Omega 3. The important actually is that it has a high concentration of EPA and DHA, these are actually the acids that bring the benefits of omega 3. Ideally, an intake of about 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA. Note that I said 1000mg of EPA and DHA and NOT 1000mg of fish oil. Therefore, depending on the concentration of EPA and DHA per capsule, you will need to eat about 6 or more capsules per day.
Another tip for those who are buying an omega 3 supplement is to make the oxidation test. To do this, you simply put a capsule of their omega 3 supplement in the freezer for about 5 to 6 hours. After that time remove his cap and pierce with a toothpick or else to make a small cut with a knife. If the oil is frozen is a sign that your omega 3 is oxidized and then you will do more harm than good. If you do not freeze and break up quickly after opening the capsule then your Omega 3 is good for consumption.
And oh, for that extra omega 6? For what? It's already clear that the ratio of omega 6 is much higher than that of omega 3? Buy omega 3 isolated
A good thing to do are also periodic examinations. But do not take do only cholesterol test because it alone DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING. Tests that really speak something about your inflammation indexes'm others as C-Reactive Protein Ultra Sensitive, homocysteine, LDL peroxidated, Interleukin-6, Ferritin, VSG (Globular Sedimentation speed) etc.
Finally, let's remember that diet is habit and is following it day after day that we will have such benefits. Just as no one has diabetes by a high carbohydrate intake over a year, it will not be so quickly that you will have all the benefits of a healthy diet. The good news is that the body can handle quite a bad power to manifest the disease, and also responds very quickly when it comes out of a poor diet for good nutrition.
And that old advice: better safe than sorry.
Diet is nothing beyond that. Healthy habits bring a healthy life

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