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I have the following equipment available to me in a cheap gym. I have only got about 30mins to workout after travelling and shower time are removed.

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Seated Leg Press

Leg Extension

Leg Curls



Chest press

Reverse flye/Pec deck


Seated cable row

Fixed overhead cable (pullovers/pushdowns?)

Vertically moveable single cable attachment.

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I am looking for a good solid routine that will allow me to lose weight and build some strength. I can work out each weekday (5 days), but I tend to get over trained very easily.

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My diet is not too good,

Breakfast is usually a cup of coffee

Lunch is sandwiches of some sort, usually ham with a packet of crisps and a piece of fruit

Dinner is pasta, Indian, sometimes a roast. We try and have vegetables as regularly as we can.

Supper is bar of chocolate or some sweet pudding.

I sometimes have a small chocolate bar in the day.

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Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 120kg

Age: 39

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Any help and advice is gratefully fully received, or pointing in the direction of any good articles.




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