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How do fellas and the occasional female we have !

Just thought I would drop you all a line regarding a experience with PCT and Gyno related incident I have had. I remember a year or so ago reading that somebody on here got the lumps behind the nipples and they eventually disappeared without surgery. I kind of hated him as I had lump behind my left nipple from years back when I did my second cycle. Last year I got another real saw one behind my right nipple and both never went.

Anyways my last cycle consisted or Test Cyp, Tren and bolderone and i ran 25mg a day of proviron along side these (love that stuff by the way). After the 8 week cycle I ran 2 weeks Winny tabs at 50mg per day unti PCT started where i used Nolxadex and clomid together.

Im approx 3 weeks out of my PCT and yesterday in the jazzuzi (touching myself up) I noticed both the lumps behind my nipples had gone completely !

I cant say for sure what or why this happened, I'm sure one of the more knowledgeable guys on here may shed some light on it but there you go , thought I would share that with you.
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