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several things come to mind...

A) The guy was a plonker

B) The Judge was a plonker

I can see why he was done for the steroids... they were not pharma pills, therefore they were counterfeit drugs (in the eyes of the law)... therefore illegal.

as for just borrowing daddys bmw.. plonker....

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Vince said:
1) Only pharma (not UG labs) steroid are not illegal to posses

2) For some substances a doc's prescription is needed, if you don't have it then it's illegal possesion.

This is why i don't like talking about it...everybody thinks they're legal and go into details of how much they use, buy etc. etc. but it's a drug (altho only class C) so it's not all that simple.
nice one vince, never knew that:thumbup1:

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so does this mean anything not prescription to illegal to possess?

if thats the case then the ol bill have got the right to clean anyone/bodybuilder out of their stack,because none of it is prescribed to us?

we just obtain it,take it and go from there!!!!

so does the steroids in our possession have to be legally prescribed to us,then the law says if it is a significant amount,it can be classed as personal use...but if not prescribed,then no matter what the amount it is illegal?

i was always in the mind can possess the steroids,for personal use if prescribed to you or long as it wasnt deemed as too much for ones own use and there is that much that the authority may see it as supplying?

because i have had mates walk through some airports/customs have let them go...1)beacuse they were big and looked the part 2)they only had enough for their own personal use....i dont know if this was the actual reason but...

i'm confused now...i was always thinking it was safe to possess if it was for personal use.....any input or corrections to put me straight,thanks!!!
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