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Evening all !

Im 28 and have decided to get my fat ass into gear. i have joined a gym and been working hard cardio wise and have lost 2 stone i was 19 now just short of 17.

I need help with my diet as i dont know where to start and also my weight training plan. i go to a fancy bannatyne gym maybe that not ideal but its a start

Im after somebody to take me under there wing and ping me some advice. i train hard and my arms are getting big but i feel like im not getting it all right. im reading too much and watching too many different things.

Joined this site the other night and been reading some threads and i feel that there is enough people on here that can help ! I want to be called ' Big Man' for a musclular reason not a polite way of saying ' Fat [email protected]@rd.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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